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La Dolce Vita Collection

La dolce Vita Collection

Eternal Summer

Summer is a state of mind: shine in La Dolce Vita Collection Iconic Bodysuits throughout the whole year!

New collection


Timeless nautical trends with a refined twist:
for a woman who makes no secret of her femininity,
showcasing it with elegance.

Iconic Collection

Grace Bodysuit

Inspired by the queen of charm and elegance, Grace Kelly.

Festive Edition

Festive Edition

Chic and feminine, the Festive Edition Bodysuits guarantee maximum impact with minimal styling for all those important invitations.

Cornerstones of the brand


Femininity, sensuality
and versatility

Designed for women to express femininity
with confidence and comfort


Designed to be worn
all-seasons and 24/7

Perfect combination between the classic elegance of
daily outfits and the seductive charm of the evening wear


Meticulous attention
to details & quality

The sartorial heritage of the brand pays tribute to Made in Italy,
meant as a set of values and standards

Size Guidelines

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