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"A brand that breaks into
the Made in Italy fashion scene,
bringing back to life a timeless piece, 
under a new light. "

Rosie B. where B. stands for “Bodysuits”, exclusive protagonist of its collections, has born in 2021 from the vision of its founder, Mariarosaria Binetti, with the mission to dress all the women, accompanying them with elegance and femininity in all the occasions and moments of the day.

The intense life and career path, between London and Milan, culminated with a cooling-off period, has led Mariarosaria to undertake this adventure, because, as often happens, in every crisis lies an opportunity. Afterwards, the perfect match with her Parners, Ludovica Bonini and Marzia Peragine, who have supported the project right from the start, becoming integral parts of it. Three women, with different backgrounds, all sharing the passion for fashion and a positive attitude towards new challenges, follow every single aspect of the brand, without leaving anything to chance.

Rosie B. has been conceived as response to the need of creating a passepartout for every occurrence, that all the women could appreciate and combine with any outfits, both elegant or casual. Hence, betting on an eternal piece like the bodysuit. An evergreen, whose origins date back to the twenties, often underestimated and limited to specific functions, becomes the inseparable mate for a woman who wants to feel comfortable, without compromising on style, sensuality and attention to details.

Femininity, versatility and functionality are the cornerstones of the brand, evoking the old-time sophistication and features, finely revisited in contemporary cuts and style, unveiling as the futuristic fashion has always been influenced by the past.

A garment revealing a cosmopolitan and romantic soul at once, that embodies a lifestyle and define it with a touch of class: designed to be worn all-seasons and 24/7, as perfect combination between the classic elegance of daily outfits and the seductive charm of the evening wear.

The sartorial heritage of the brand pays tribute to Made in Italy, meant as a set of values and standards, meticulous care of details and extreme attention to quality.

A brand that breaks into the Made in Italy fashion scene, bringing back to life a timeless piece, under a new light.


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